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Conscious social media messaging: the checklist

If you are constantly posting on social media, that means you are producing and sharing a lot of messages and information. Let it be through what you write or the visuals that you share:

Are you sure your messaging is intentional & conscious?

The way we write as well as the pictures we post have a big influence on the general image that is representing our company.

To have a conscious businesses and a conscious marketing practice, you need to make sure your messaging is aligned with your mission and intention.

Of course, you can't 100% control how the messages that you are putting out there are going to be perceived but you can make sure that you put the right intention behind it.

Social media is a great tool. But it can also be very dangerous. Which reality are you going to participate to?

As an active member of social media platforms, you are responsible for the message you are sharing.

I made a quick checklist for you to use before posting on your social media. This will help you to keep a consistent and conscious message. The goal is to have a communication that is aligned with your values, that inspires, educates and makes your customers feel good instead of making them feel down on themselves, and that is promoting a better, more sane environment.

Download the checklist here. Keep it close when you post on social media and ask yourself these questions to make sure you are conscious about your messaging.

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With love,




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