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3 ways to use social media more consciously

If you are like me, you can feel very conflicted about social media. You see how great of a tool it is but you also realize it can be really evil when not used properly.

That's the thing. Social media is a TOOL. So if we want to use it more consciously, it's possible but it is up to us! We've got to put the right intentions into it.

Here are 3 ways you can start doing it :

#1 Make sure the image you share is real & inclusive

*Does it set unrealistic expectations? Is it overly photoshopped or cropped in a certain way or showing only a specific angle to make it look different than it really is...

I'm talking body image but also fake Instagram life in general. The kind of pictures that makes your audience feel bad about their "normal" life. The goal should be to empower your audience.

¨*Is it inclusive? Are your pictures representing and celebrating diversity? Diversity in gender, in ethnicity, in appearance?

Take a look at Girlfriend Collective! They are a great example celebrating diversity:

#2 Be your authentic and imperfect self

Being an inspiration means sharing the positive and the challenges. It doesn't have to be good vibes only... because life isn't either.

Don't be afraid to show up in a more vulnerable way. To talk about the struggles you are facing or the ones you learned from. You will be amazed to see the support you will receive.

Sharing the harder part of life helps you to connect with people. They can feel closer to you and identify with you better.

This is always a great way to receive the support or guidance you may need on a specific topic.

#3 Pick your collabs wisely

Interested in hosting a giveaway or doing a cross-collaboration with another brand? That's a great idea. But before saying yes to everybody and asking someone just because they have a high following, make sure to do your research first. Only work with people you are truly aligned with and who understand your mission. That will make the collaboration much more fruitful. You will get the right kind of interactions and followers in return.

Always keep in mind, before posting anything, that social media is a great way to connect with other human beings. It's not about the followers, the likes but instead ask yourself the following:

how can you really help and support your audience and engage with your community today?

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