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The Bright Recap : Can social media be conscious? ... & other reflections

Hi beautiful!

When I was younger, I used to hate Sundays. It was a slow day, where not much was happening. Today it's a whole other story. I am enjoying the beautiful energy Sundays bring. The quiet time. Slowing down, reflecting... I didn't realize how much I needed it.

It's a perfect moment to look back at the last 7 days and set an intention for the new week.

I hope you'll enjoy this recap. A mix of personal experiences, the highlights of the work that I did for clients, and some other thoughts.


On the Bright Side

Instagram Conscious Post Ideas for March

I started the week by sharing a tool to help you get ready for March! Believe it or not, March is literally right around the corner! 🌼

If you are trying to get ahead and schedule your content for the month, I've got something sweet for you.

I put together this free content planning especially for the month of March for conscious creators. My goal is to help you use your social media platform to bring awareness to important topics and to create interesting and inspiring conversations with your audience.

Whether you are creating content for Instagram, for your blog, for Pinterest, or other social media this is for you!

It will help you get some creative ideas for the month and be super relevant since it is made for the month of March 2021. It got all the eco and conscious awareness dates to not miss this month + how to talk about it.

Also got some # for you to use in there. 😋

Instagram as a tool to connect with another human being

With Les Bonnes Copines, the french networking group I am part of, we met this week with Kweency to talk about how to grow an authentic community on social media. This is definitely a topic I am fond of and believe it is so important to cover!

If I had to summarize it in one sentence it would be to remember that social media is a way to connect with other human beings. Whenever you write your posts, whenever you are active on the platform, do you put the human connection first?

It's not about posting every day at the same hour, it's not about the numbers of followers... but it really is about giving a message that can help one way or another someone else.

Can you say that is what you are doing? Do you use social media the same way as you would to connect with someone over the phone or in-person?

How Social Media Can Bring Awareness On Different Cultures

Last Sunday, I had an amazing experience learning about a local Huichol indigenous culture.

Learning about different cultures has been really interesting to me for quite a while now. I ended 2020 reading Ishmael and that opened my eyes and mind on a whole other level. To look at what we consider "civilized" cultures from a whole other perspective. An invitation to learn more from the indigenous wisdom.

When we travel, it's easy to find people "like us". To think we are having local experiences when really those have been created for us and changed by us.

Connecting with the Huichol culture, getting a peek into some of the rituals was not only very humbling but also very powerful. It's hard to explain the feeling, the energy you get when you truly connect with the people, the Earth, the Gods. I got emotional going through it and I left feeling more full than I had in a while.

These encounters are exactly what makes traveling such a profound and rich experience!

We talked about the importance of sharing and bring awareness to this rich culture that has been overlooked. This is how social media can really make a difference. Social media can be an evil tool if used with the wrong intentions. The beauty is that social media is a tool - a platform. So it is really up to us to use it however, we want to use it.

It can be a beautiful way to share new perspectives, to bring awareness, to make changes, to start a conversation. In this case, it can help us make sure we learn about another culture, to preserve and celebrate indigenous cultures.

How can you inspire your feed? How can you use your social media to be more intentional?

To be or not to be a conscious business...

Do you believe companies have the choice to be conscious or not? Because I do.

I believe it is as much of an intentional choice to be conscious as it is to be unconscious.

This is one of the reasons I decided to work with socially conscious businesses.⁠ The moment I realized companies have a CHOICE to be conscious or not. To be ethical or not. To make an effort or not... From that moment, there was no coming back.

This doesn't mean you need to donate back most of your profit to charities or become a non-profit.⁠

▶ Your business can still be profitable + conscious. ⁠

  • You can decide to donate a small % back to an organization you truly want to support or do collaborations with them. ⁠

  • You can decide to invest in materials that are eco-friendly. ⁠

  • You can decide to embrace diversity in your company and in your marketing. ⁠

  • You can decide to offer a product or a service that will actually support and help people. ⁠

... Or you can decide *intentionally* to turn a blind eye on all of it. ⁠

Are you going to be intentionally conscious or intentionally unconscious?

Inspirations and work with clients

I help purpose-driven companies create content that is aligned with their brand and mission. The goal is to share interesting and inspiring information related to their field of expertise.

Here are the highlights of the week:

Instead of asking yourself if a product is expensive, ask why others are so cheap!

SellSage is an eco-friendly marketplace. Our goal is to help customers make an easy transition towards sustainability. It starts with bringing awareness to the different issues.

We have been conditioned to buy t-shirts 2+1 for free, produce coming from the other side of the world for a couple of dollars... But instead of wondering why a product is expensive, we need to start wondering why some products are THAT cheap. 😲

It all comes at a cost. Is that a cost you are ready to make?

Want to learn more? Follow SellSage on Instagram for daily sustainable tips

The Blooming Leader

Fiona from My Yellow Horizon is launching a new program for women to shine and bloom in their careers and in their life. I've helped her put together the content, the sales page, and all the more technical aspects of launching a program. It's been great to see this project bloom and we are so excited to share it this upcoming week.

Because women really need this. To gain their confidence back. To realize they are limitless if they decide to be. To go for their dreams and reach them!

Because the world desperately needs women to be empowered and in their power.

If you are curious about what a Blooming Leader is and how to be one, click here.

Follow MyYelloHorizon on Instagram for a daily dose of inspiration.


Do you have a conscious business? Do you have many ideas and things you want to share but you seem to run out of time to do it? Message me and let's talk about it! The world needs to learn from you. Let's get your content out and Share Your Bright Side. 🌞


Personal Growth

This Saturday was a Full Moon. I love to use this time to reflect on myself and on my business. To check-in with myself and see if there is anything I need to let go of or invest in.

This Full Moon message for me was about trust. Trust that I am supported, Trust that I support myself. Trust that I am on the right path.

Follow me on Instagram ShareYourBrightSide for conscious marketing and living tips and inspiration.


That's all for this week! I'm looking forward to a new week full of fresh opportunities.

Take a second to reflect on the last 7 days. Celebrate the wins and learn from the struggles. It is quite liberating! ✨

Shine Bright 🌞


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