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You can post every day... but without a clear strategy, you won't attract the right client.

Do you feel like you are always running behind with your marketing and missing on opportunities?

Do people really understand what you are doing?

Is your message crystal clear or tend to be all over the place?

You might be missing a clear planning, a strong branding & a content creation strategy.

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Based on your offer and your industry, I organize all your creative ideas and develop a personalized strategy to best reach your goals and connect to your audience. We will have both a long-term (yearly/quarterly) and short-term (monthly) planning. 



Stand out with a strong branding that gets your vision and your audience. Every content that we will share will be branded both visually and in its meaning so you can be recognized in the blink of an eye.



Share authentic content regularly that has for goals to both promote your offer as well as connect with your customers and share your expertise. Using a combination of tools such as blogging, social media, and email marketing.

Public Relations & COMMUNITY

Reach out to the right people in your industry, be in contact with the media that your customers like, collaborate with industry leaders. From collaborations with other brands to writing press releases for editors, public relations is a great tool to grow your reputation.



Conscious Marketing for intentional growth

That's what they say! 

Kelly - Testimonial

Kelly M.

Negotiation Expert & Yoga Teacher

Owner of The Femme Dimension 

As new business owner, I knew right away I would need support and expertise outside of my own.  Marketing/branding is one of the MOST crucial pieces of getting a business off the ground and if you're not an expert, well Yas is who you need on your side!  She listens to where the challenge is taking place and offers grounded solutions to quickly address my needs. She has created beautiful, easy to use templates for my email marketing, transitioned my platforms to one place so that things are more streamlined and cost effective, resolved some of my website inconsistencies and has been an enormous support during the early stages of becoming an entrepreneur.  You could go it alone, but why would you?  You and your mission driven business are worthy of this kind of support.  I promise!

Fiona - Testimonial

Fiona G.

Holistic Coach

Owner of My Yellow Horizon

Yas is my savior. I have so many ideas and objectives when it comes to communicating about my business, but it's hard not to lose myself in the process. That's when Yas comes in. She adds precious insights, keeps me accountable and always comes up with great ideas. Plus, she's super fun and inspiring. I love working together with her. 

191205 - PD-F - OWTTP-OTSCT - Lifestyle

Larissa M.

Owner of PI YOGA

Yasmine is the best creative and marketing expert out there! She loves working on creative strategy and keeps our branding on point. Her supportive and positive "can do" attitude is essential for the growth of any business. She is an expert with creating graphics, flyers, banners, etc. with Photoshop & InDesign. She is very efficient with copy writing, press release creation and pitching to her database of press contacts. Thanks to her hard work, PI YOGA has been featured on some of the biggest TV stations and the most influential websites. She also has a wealth of experience with global marketing, thanks to her years of travel, so she understands how to market to different cultures - which is great if you are trying to launch globally! If you are looking for a one stop shop for all your marketing and content needs to take your business to the next level, I strongly recommend working with Yasmine.

Ravyn - Testimonial

Ravyn R.

Speech-Language Pathologist

& Breathwork facilitator.

Yasmine has been a HUGE support since day 1 of me starting my first new business. Speaking to her about my ideas and vision, she knew exactly how to listen, inspire, and support me. I had no idea about branding, marketing, or social media platforms. She thoroughly listened to my passions and then translated that into practical strategy. You can tell she wants to make a difference in this world and her energy is contagious. If you are craving high-level personal support for your business I highly recommend Yasmine!




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