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Effective communications
to Inspire Positive

For Biodiversity, Climate & Sustainability

Amplify Your Mission. Let People Know What You're Doing. Engage Your Community.

You're working to make our planet wilder, healthier, and more resilient—a happier place for all. 

 Sustainability is a strategy at the core of your organization. 

 But how well are you communicating about it? 


We need the work you are doing, and we need to hear about it! 


Let's inspire positive change through effective communications

that amplify your impact and engage your community.

The power of effective comms'

Comprehensive comms materials to make your message come to life

Content Creation & Planning

Web Design & Copywriting

Impact Reports

Email Marketing, Blog Writing & More

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 “Saving our planet is now 

 a communications challenge” 


Sir David Attenborough

Hopeful & Empowering

Forget doom and gloom and fear-oriented messaging.
Sustainable and climate communications can and need to be more impactful today. 

While marketing has excelled at promoting over-consumerism, we have often failed to encourage people to live sustainably and protect what they love.

But this is changing. We are better equipped to understand what truly motivates and moves people toward change. 

 Effective communications transform despair into hope and action, 

 capturing hearts and minds, placing people at the center, and helping them envision a better world. 


Hey, I'm Yasmine!

Experienced Communicator Advocating for a Wilder World

After experiencing the usual symptoms of a 'quarter-life crisis,' I was left wondering: how can I best use my time, energy, and skills to make a positive difference in today's world?


I did not quit everything to *try* to become a marine biologist (though I was really considering it for a moment!). Instead, I realized that my degree and experience in communications could be used to bridge the gap between science, citizens, and policy—connecting important studies, discoveries, and projects with people.

By crafting compelling narratives, designing user-friendly websites, and creating engaging comms materials, as well as planning strategic campaigns, I aim to help organizations like yours effectively share all the amazing things that you do and connect with your community. As a naturally positive person, I'm committed to promoting hope as an active force to drive actions and inspire change.

Like what you're reading?

Global rewilding Alliance

The Global Rewilding Alliance is a worldwide organization working with rewilders on every continent to help nature heal itself and secure a thriving future for people, nature, and planet.

I joined GRA in May 2023 and have played a pivotal role in driving communications strategies and stakeholder engagement since then. Here are a couple of projects I worked on:

WEB Design & copywriting

I led the complete redesign of the Alliance's new website. My focus was to de-complexify the messaging around rewilding, prioritize content, and curate a visually appealing and emotionally resonating site.


The positive feedback received since the launch has strengthened my belief in the importance of effective, inspiring and action-driven communications within the environmental movement.

Untitled design.png
Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 16.32.12.png

Impact report

I co-created the Alliance’s first collective impact report. This visually, highly accessible 50-page report is the first-ever attempt to capture the collective impact of the rewilding movement around the world.


Launched on World Rewilding Day (March 20th, 2024), it has received widespread enthusiasm from both seasoned advocates and newcomers to the concept of rewilding, significantly increasing the alliance’s reach and impact.

"It's the way that Yasmine does everything that brings the magic.

Always with a smile, Yasmine responds to every challenge with rigour, efficiency and creativity, reliably integrating a huge amount of complex information at an incredibly high level of quality.

Yasmine integrates working on words and design, hugely accelerating an otherwise multi-stage process, and does all this as a great team member working closely with multiple people at the same time. I wholeheartedly recommend Yasmine; any organisation with a sustainability mission would benefit from her involvement."

Dr Alister Scott
Director for Communications and Outreach, Global Rewilding Alliance and

Honorary Professor of Practice, University College London

Let's connect

If you have any questions about how to work together or anything else, you can email me at

Drop me a line on LinkedIn, I'd love to learn more about what you do and stay connected whether we work together or not! Don't hesitate to reach out. Seriously :)

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