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Nice to meet you!

A Decade in Communication & Marketing With Sustainability & Environmental Focus


Globally Remote

in English & French

 My mission is to use the power of effective communication 

 to share engaging messaging and inspiring stories so that we can create 

 a positive impact on our communities & planet. 

Master's Degree in Applied Communications & Public Relations

IHECS, Belgium

Thesis on Intercultural Communication

Business Sustainability Management

University of Cambridge - Institute for Sustainability Leadership

8 weeks program, sustainability strategies for businesses


Creatives for Climate

Identify greenwashing and deliver projects with impact

great barrier reef (41 of 56).jpg

Being by and in the ocean is where I feel most alive. Nature fills me with awe and reminds me of what truly matters. While I feel heartbroken and angry about the state of the world, I remain hopeful because I know how resilient both nature and humans can be.

I heard a quote on hope by Kris Tompkins that resonates with me: "I think you have to earn hope. I think you have to work hard to have hope." When we actively work towards solutions, this is where hope blossoms.

I feel fortunate to be in this bubble of nature lovers and protectors, to be surrounded by amazing people doing incredible things. I don't want this to be a bubble anymore. I understand the importance of breaking out of the echo chamber. It's essential to connect with people from different backgrounds and perspectives and I believe that effective communication can be a powerful tool in helping us connect with nature and with each other better.

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