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Hello, Bonjour, Hola!

Nice to meet you!

My name is Yasmine

I never realized I would be living this lifestyle and building my own company. One day, along the road, I decided to not follow anyone else's "normal life" and instead to create my own. My people sometimes have a hard time following what I'm up to or where I'm at but the majority will agree that I'm a very positive person creating her own luck. 

I highly value relationships in my personal and professional life. I believe it's important to know the person behind the job title and it's important to feel aligned with my clients so we can both be proud to work together.


So here are some facts about me that can help you better understand who I am... 

Belgian girl who finds herself most alive by the ocean, specifically in San Diego, California.

I work in English & French and travel a lot. I have a master degree in Public Relations & Communication and for my thesis I decided to focus on intercultural communication. I find it fascinating to learn about cultural differences and similarities and what it means for our lives and in our global businesses. 

I have a strong interest in sustainability and try step by step to live a low waster lifestyle. 


I read about spirituality, life, love, feminine power, the phases of the moon. I hike. I practice yoga, breathwork, meditation. I dance.

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Why Share Your Bright Side

Build Better Brands for a Better World

My mission is to support entrepreneurs to share their bright side with the world and to create a community of brands and consumers taking responsibility for their actions and acting together to make a positive impact. But first, people need to see you, trust you and listen to you! 


I believe in the power of positivity and authenticity to inspire others. Let's share what makes you shine to connect with your audience.


In this big wide world, we are all different yet interconnected. When we make the effort to understand each other's culture we have a great opportunity to rise and grow as a brand and as an individual.

Understanding the needs and culture of your audience is key in order to have an impactful communication. 


Share Your Bright Side is about you and what makes you unique. Let's take your goals to the next peak with a personalized approach for your specific needs.

I believe in teamwork and making magic together.

About Share Your Bright Side
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