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The purposeful Biz Journey

Why did you really start your business?

What impact are you truly wanting to make?

What are you envisioning for the future?

let's find out!

Your 1:1 journey to reconnect with

WHY you're in business today

& HOW you're meant to participate in the world

One day, you made the decision to do things your way.

To challenge the status quo and to have a positive impact on the world. 

And I'm so excited that you did!


is your current business really representing your hopes and dreams?

Is it actually participating in the vision of your ideal world? 

Your entrepreneurial journey often is a roller coaster:

Moments where you have the faith and strength to take over the world and revolution your industry.

Moments where you seriously consider giving it all up for something more "traditional", less "challenging".

(you know that little voice trying to convince you you should go back to a 9-5 even tho you know you'd hate it!)

And then there are all the moments in between. 


Being connected to what truly fills you with passion in the world is crucial.

And being able to share that through your business is magical.

To navigate the ups and the downs, there's one thing that can truly help you.


To clearly know your intentions and why you're in business.

> What is the true purpose of your business?

> What impact are you working towards?

> Which future do you want to co-create?


This 1:1 journey is made to help you re-discover and connect to the purpose of your business.

Having a purpose and a vision as an entrepreneur is not just a 'nice add-on', something you'll eventually spend time on when you finally have some free time (aka never).

It's essential. It's the foundation of your business.


It is your source of inspiration, motivation, and pride.

It's what will help you keep growing. It's what will help you connect with your audience.


It's what will make you feel like what you're doing make sense!  

Our job together is to reveal how unique and impactful YOUR business is,

to make it clear TO YOU,

so you can have the faith and confidence to express it to the world.

This journey is made to help you set the grounding foundations of your business. I'm not talking about which newsletter program and automation to use. I'm talking here about the soul of your biz.

Your MISSION Your WHAT. What do you do day-to-day, and for whom? Which services do you offer and what are they doing for your clients?

YOUR PURPOSE Your WHY. Why do you do what you do? Why does your company exist? What is the reason behind your business and your offers?  

YOUR VISION What type of future do you want to contribute to? Where do you see your company going and growing? And what are your long-term dreams for the world? Now, do your projects participate in your bigger vision?

YOUR VALUES Your HOW. Your values help guide you how you do things. These will be your guidelines to create a positive impact. 

Why is this work so important?

IT makes you unique

The combination of your mission, your purpose, your values, and your vision is completely unique to you and your business. It sets you apart from the competition and will help you show up in a more impactful way.

Attract Aligned clients

By being clear about who you are, you attract clients who are looking for your kind of energy! Imagine surrounding yourself with other passionate people and create a like-minded community.

give purpose to your work

By defining your mission, purpose, vision, and values, you define the essence of your work. You connect to a bigger picture than yourself. This brings meaning, inspiration, and motivation to your work.

set boundaries and expectations

Not only will you be able to set clear expectations and boundaries, but you can also communicate them more fluidly because it's in line with your business and purpose.

make better & aligned decisionS

The next time you have to make a decision and you hesitate (accepting a client, working with a new collaborator, participating in a project), put the decision under the microscope of your mission, purpose, values, and vision. If it doesn't fit, you'll know what to do and feel more at peace with it.

Upgrade your marketing

This information is so precious and will be key in defining how you communicate about what you do to your current and potential clients. It's going to help you clarify your website and create impactful and aligned content on social media, newsletters, and all your other marketing tools.

Yasmine presented our mission & vision statements and our values in such as way that we feel like we finally know our own business better now! We've had these ideas in our heads for a while but exploring with Yasmine and seeing her putting them into words really helped to get it more clear and finally make it real! It helped us move forward knowing what we are doing has meaning and makes sense!

Taylor & Kailie | Financial Planners

Get a fresh perspective

This isn't easy work. It requires you to go deep. To ask yourself the right questions. To allow yourself to dream big. To see the potential of your offerings and gifts.

And guess what?! This is hard to do on your own! But you don't have to!

Having someone to help you see clearly what you desire, to connect dots, share new perspectives, to invite you to ask yourself certain questions and to reformulate what you're saying back to you is MAGIC

We're so used to tuning down our hopes and dreams. We're so used to keeping things for ourselves. We're so used to looking left and right for inspiration that we forget to tune back in. 

Deep down you know. This is my invitation to dive deeper! 

In my entrepreneurial journey, I go from laughter to tears.

I keep coming back to your sheet and feedback and it helps me stay on track.

Thank you for this valuable resource!

Ambre | Entrepreneur


I imagine a world where people are excited about their work and are empowered to follow their wildest dreams. 


I imagine a world where businesses are responsible for what they are offering.

Where they are conscious of the GOOD they can offer to the world.


The goal of this work is both to grow more conscious and purposeful businesses as well as it is to support business owners like you to feel connected and excited about their work and their dreams.

 Hey! I'm Yasmine 

Because I've seen too many business owners starting their own business to be more free and to make a positive impact, but at the end of the day they get caught up in the wheel of work-work-work. They forget about their initial ideas and actually become the worst boss they've ever had.

Never taking time off or feeling guilty when they do.

Feeling they always have to do more.

Or constantly doubting what they're bringing to the table.

Because I truly believe understanding WHY you're in business

and bringing that intention to your daily grind can create magic. 

 I know you're more interested in living a purposeful & meaningful life than a "traditional" one.

I know your heart desires to create something beautiful and impactful.

And I'd love to help you do just that!

The Purposeful Biz Journey:

So you're curious about this 1:1 journey?

Here is what I'm offering you...

A questionnaire with intentional questions to help us better explore what is currently going on in your business and in your mind, what are your dreams and desires, and what are you passionate about. This is your invitation to express everything that is on your mind. 

2x 1:1 meetings (70-min + 30-min) to brainstorm and dive into your purpose.

1 comprehensive document that you get to keep and refer to! Including your clear purpose, mission, vision, and values statements. 

My goal is for you to leave our journey together

with clear Purpose-Mission-Vision-Values statements and this trusting feeling that you are exactly where you are meant to be. I want you to feel anchored in your business...

So you can share your bright side with the world

Ready for the next step?

Apply now by filling in this form and I'll get back to you shortly! 

(PS: don't worry, filling in this form is commitment-free)

Price for this journey:


payment in other currencies available

Got a question? Email me first:

Reading your document I felt reassured, it's really great!

You summarized everything very well. It's structured in such a way that I can better navigate my different desires and values, it makes things clear for me... It's a bit magical!

Baptiste | Graphic Designer

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