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5 mistakes to avoid when writing blogs

Having a blog can be time-consuming, but when done right, it can be really rewarding. Whether you already have a blog or thinking of starting one, looking at how to make it more beneficial is always good.

Let’s talk about the 5 mistakes to avoid to make the best out of your content.

1. Limit the free content

Having a blog is a great way for you to share your expertise in a longer format. We live in an era of free information. Consumer look on the internet for pretty much everything and anything. As soon as they need advice, they will google it or check on Pinterest.

This is how your content and your website can be in front of the eyes of your customers.

Think about the information your customers are looking for and need and provide it to them.

Make sure that your blog post actually answers the initial question.

Have you ever looked up something, found a blog, read it to realize that to have the actual answer you actually have to pay for the workshop or another service ? It’s very frustrating!

Don’t see your blog so much as a tease but more as a way to share qualitative information. This will allow you to be considered as the expert, build trust, and grow a relationship with consumers.

Guess who they will come to see when they will be ready to spend money?

2. Not sharing your blog

The second mistake is to spend all this time writing a great blog to not share it properly.

Make sure to put your content in front of your audience. Share it on all your social media and do it multiple times!

You’ve already shared your blog on your Instagram story? Do it again in a few days or even a few months! On Pinterest, share 3 different visuals for one article.

You can introduce the same article using a different catchphrase or picture.

3. Forgetting to add internal links

Once you have your reader engaged reading your blog, invite them to check out other content on your page. The more time they will spend on your site, the stronger impact you will have on them, and the better chance you will have to turn them into customers.

4. Not sharing your personality

Don’t try to please everybody by tuning down your personality. You have a specific way of writing, own it! Add smileys if you feel like it, write in short sentences, use slang if that’s how you talk in real life with your customers. Or keep it very formal if that is the style of your business. Whatever feels like you and your brand! This is how you will connect more with your clients.

It will help readers understand who is behind the information and to fall in love with your personality.

Don't be afraid to share your interests and opinions. Learn more about why customers want to know your opinions here.

5. Not repurposing the content

1 blog makes easily 2 or more social media posts per platform. You can simply copy-paste part of your blog and make it into a post. Et voila!

Instead of spending 1 hour writing 2 Instagram posts, you spent 1 hour writing 1 blog and you now have 2 posts on Instagram, 1 post on Linked In, 3 posts on Pinterest, 2 posts on Facebook... Pretty efficient isn't it?

Repurposing your content is going to be key as it will help you save a ton of time while still driving traffic to your site.

Use your blog as a way to share your expertise, genuinely connect with your audience, and share qualitative content.

Writing a blog? Tag me! I'd love to read it! 💛🥰

Shine Bright,


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