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Why is NOW the perfect time to look into your mission & purpose?

In this challenging time, as we are facing one challenge after another, now is the perfect time to take a break and make sure your company's mission and values are still relevant.

If you have never taken the time to write down your mission, your values, your purpose, to really get to know your customers and competitions, I highly recommend to stop what you are doing right now, grab a pen and paper and start brainstorming.

If you did this process when launching your company or not even that long ago, I highly recommend to stop what you are doing right now, grab a pen and paper and start brainstorming.

We just lived, and are still in the middle of it, a serious crisis that shook our economy and ways of living. As we are slowly starting to go back to life as we knew it with stores reopening and people gathering, taking the time to making sure your brand is strong and you are standing in your purpose is going to be very powerful for your company.

Before rushing back to old habits and usual ways of doing, it is good - and necessary for a lot of businesses - to take some time to reconnect with the purpose of your company and adjust your offers and communication if needed. ⁠

Doing so will help you to grow and be better prepared for today' world and challenges.

To help you do this I put together a branding tool with questions to help you reflect and define your brand.

What have you learned about your offer, your customers, your competitions? How can you be even more relevant today so you can really support your customers?

Take some time to go deeper into your why. ⁠

This will help you to better market yourself and deepen your relationships with your customers. ⁠

The more aligned you are with your mission and purpose, the easiest it will be to communicate about your products and services in a way that really talks to your customers.

Enjoy this process, be completely honest and open and don't be scared to evolve in what can be the next big step of your business!

Share what came up! ⁠I'm super excited to hear what you are working on!

If you need some help navigating through this process, let me know. Having an external opinion can help you see the bigger picture and see things clearer.

Have a bright day ⁠🌞 Yasmine Grignard

Visionary & Founder of Share Your Bright Side |



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