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Is your marketing asking too much energy from you?

Having your own business is a lot of work and can be very challenging. You're wearing all the hats in your company, you are constantly learning. It's exciting AND it's challenging and tiring at the same time.

You know you need to invest time in your marketing BUT it's currently asking too much energy from you and you keep pushing the tasks away?

Let's take a look at WHY your marketing is draining your energy instead of making you feel excited. 🔽

Is your communication purposeful?

Of course, your marketing is here to support your business and to make it profitable. I'm not suggesting you need to start giving away your services and knowledge for free or to not expect any sales from your marketing. But...

Making money shouldn't be at the source of your marketing strategy.

If it is, it's going to quickly make you resentful AND it will be counterproductive.

  • It's going to sound too pushy (which people - and probably you too - HATE)

  • It won't be a genuine invitation to a deep, two-way connection (you're only expecting people to buy from you and they can feel it)

  • It won't show your brand as unique, conscious, and trustworthy (everything you say will sound like you just want to sell and not help)

  • It's going to show the wrong side of your business and not why you started your business in the first place (to support people & genuinely help your customers*)

*If the goal of your business is only to generate an income and not to participate positively to the society, then you and I are not only on the wrong page but in the wrong book too and you've got a much bigger problem on your hand. Providing a service/product that has for goal to support your customers and to bring something positive to them should be your #1 priority if you want a successful conscious company.

Long story short, if your marketing is only about making money, it will drive your dream customers away.

Have your customers' needs in mind before communicating about anything and ask yourself how this offer/information is going to help them. This will help you to share messages that are going to be appreciated and expected.

>> Reconnect to your goal and your mission. Feel it at your core and implement your vision into your strategy. That will make you feel much more proud of your communication.

Is your communication authentic?

Are you being honest in the way you communicate or are you trying to please your customers and tell them what they want to hear?

You don't like the sound of your reality? Then change it!

  • You know people wouldn't support the way you manufacture your clothes? Don't consciously hide the production part of your clothing business. Instead, actively change your manufacturing process.

  • Your packaging is in plastic, you hate it but you are having a hard time to find another solution? Share it with your customers. Don't be ashamed of your process.

  • You realized you haven't been engaging with and representing the BIPOC community and you were called out for it? Embrace it and use this as a learning opportunity. Show that you are welcoming the feedback and are ready to do better.

Does that mean you have to be perfect? No! Don't put yourself under that pressure. But you do have to try your best, yes!

We don't want perfect companies that have it all figured it out. We want authenticity and honesty. Your customers want to feel heard and understood.

>> Tell the truth and only the truth! Share your successes as well as your challenges. It's going to make your job much easier as well than trying to hide everything that isn't pretty.

Is your communication unique?

Are you communicating about your company in a way that is uniquely you? Or again are you trying to please your customers or follow the industry trend?

Make sure your communication reflects the two important stakeholders of your business: Your customers & yourself

Your communication should be a unique and perfect mix between your dream clients' style and needs (you wouldn't talk the same way to a banker than to a yoga teacher for example) & YOU.

Do the test. Ask people who know you if your brand's communication reflects your personality. Ask them what adjectives they would use to describe your company and make sure those adjectives are ones you feel proud of.

For Share Your Bright Side for example, when I first published my website I got many feedback saying something along those lines: "OMG, it's so you! Bright, bubbly, and positive." That was exactly what I was going for. Because that is also how I interact with my clients so I want to attract people who can resonate with that energy. The formal investor banker is probably not going to relate to my content and I'm totally ok with that.

Having your communication that is aligned with your personality will make it sooooo much easier. That means you don't have to put yourself in a cage, to format yourself and your ideas when you are writing content.

Again, for Share your Bright Side, if my content had to be very formal, informative but not friendly this will take a lot more energy from me than just writing the way I think.

>> Start talking to your customers online the way you talk to your friends or coworkers in person. Be natural and see how your content resonates with your audience.

Making sure your communication is purposeful, authentic, and unique is going to light up your workload and make it feel much more aligned, enjoyable, and you will start receiving better feedback (which gives a lot more motivation to keep going!)

Do the audit for yourself, check out your latest social media posts, blogs, your website, and give yourself honest feedback!

Looking at your own content is hard? I know! Need an extra pair of eyes and support to make your communication feel more aligned? Message me!

Have a beautiful day,




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