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10 topic ideas to talk about yourself on your business Instagram profile

Whether you sell products or services, if you have an Instagram business account to promote your offers, I'm inviting you to GET PERSONAL!

Yupp. Your business can benefit from you talking about yourself. Not in a narcissistic way, but in an open, authentic, vulnerable way.

How is this going to be beneficial for your business?

Chances are there are other people out there offering something similar (maybe even very similar) to you. With over 7 billion people on the planet, it's only fair...

Your offer might not be 100% unique but your brand on the other hand is. Because it doesn't only reflect your offer, but also your mission, your values, your why... and those are deeply rooted in who you are as an individual.

Today's customers want to know who are the people behind the brand they purchase. Because when they buy your brand, they are also supporting YOU.

This last year, we have seen growing support for small businesses. Customers are realizing that their purchases can actually make a big difference. It can support someone's dream and someone's family.

So what if we stopped trying to look like a big business and instead we embraced our uniqueness of being small. Stop hiding the human side of your business and start embracing it. Talk honestly about the reasons why you started your business, what you find interesting in that industry and what you actually don't like, what is your wildest dream. But also share who you are as a person. What is your day at the office looking like, what is your personality like...

Social media isn't your old-school traditional marketing tool. People want the behind-the-scene, the yet-unseen truth.

Let's normalize authentic content, vulnerability, and let's show who are the people building the brands of today.

If it still sounds unnecessary to you, think about your relationship with your audience as a friendship. The more honest, authentic, real you will be with them, the more support, compassion, love you will receive. And when the time will come they have to choose between you and another random company, not only will they choose you but they will also recommend you to their friends & family!

So are you ready to get personal?

Talking about ourselves can be either (or both) the easiest and the hardest thing to do. So to get your inspiration flowing here are 10 topic ideas you can start writing about and start sharing with your audience:

  • 5 emojis that best describe me & why

  • 3 things you probably don’t know about me

  • My morning & evening routine to have the best day

  • When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a …

  • When I feel stressed, here is what I do

  • Here are 5 brands I love to support

  • What I think about... (pick something you care about)

  • I get inspired by doing this ...

  • The last 3 books I read

  • My favorite quote to read on Monday morning

Tag me on your personal post @shareyourbrightside! I sure want to get to know you! 😊

Shine Bright ☀


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