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15 thoughts to describe my philosophy on marketing

Why is it important for me to talk more about how I perceive marketing and what is my philosophy on how to best communicate about your company?

Because there are many different practices out there. Many beliefs. Many different ways and reasons. The way I see marketing and business is not unusual but it also isn't mainstream, yet! (I've got big dreams about making it more mainstream, don't worry!).

It's important to talk about it for multiple reasons:

1. To make sure we are on the same page

If we don't align on core values and don't see businesses the same way it won't be efficient nor fun for either of us.

2. To bring awareness about the different ways marketing can support your business. As consumers, it is also important to understand how we are being marketed in our daily life. and what is influencing our thoughts.

Here are 15 thoughts about marketing that are important to me.

Let's make sure we are being conscious and intentional in our communication and marketing.

  1. Marketing is a powerful tool to educate people and make a change. It's powerful because it can make people change their minds and behaviors. So we want to make sure to use it for a good cause and keep using good practices.

  2. Marketing supports your vision of the world. It brings together a community of people who believes in the same values.

  3. Marketing isn't a magic pill. Instead, it's a long-term investment. Don't put all your money in an intense 2 months marketing package expecting to get amaziiing results and that's it. That also doesn't mean you have to wait until you are successful to invest in your marketing. Find your balance where you can keep a healthy investment in the long-term.

  4. Marketing creates relationships. You can create shallow relationships where you lie and tell what the other person wants to hear. Or you can invest in the relationships with your customers. Be upfront, honest, and vulnerable. It might take more time because trust isn't instant but you are building foundations for long, deep, stable relationships.

  5. Marketing supports your vision in the long-term. If you want your business to last, you can't just focus on the next 2 months. Bring your vision to life in the next year and in the next 5 years and be strategic about it.

  6. Marketing isn't about hiding the truth, it's about explaining it. If you are working on improving some aspects of your business, be honest about it. Don't hide the process. Don't only show big successes. Share your challenges, too. It will only make you more human and more likable.

  7. Marketing isn't a one-way communication. It helps you create a dialogue with your customers and engage. It is a tool to listen to their concerns and answer them. Remember most of the time, you are communicating with your customers when they are not looking for you. You are interrupting something they are doing. Always take your customers into consideration.

  8. Marketing isn't about selling selling selling It's about connecting, engaging, supporting.

  9. Marketing links your mission, your products, and your customers. It highlights WHY you are doing what you are doing and HOW you are helping them.

  10. Marketing helps you define that mission clearly so you can talk about it more openly and everyone understands it.

  11. Marketing isn't about getting you the most followers. It's about getting you the right ones.

  12. Marketing isn't about getting the most customers. It's about being upfront and confident in your offer that you feel secure to not sell to someone who doesn't need your service or product.

  13. Marketing doesn't provide qualitative results overnight. Even if this society is trying to sell us that. Like everything in life. It takes time and commitment.

  14. Marketing supports you to connect with your community by showing up and committing to them.

  15. Marketing is about constant evolution. Evolving to the changing needs of customers, the changing needs of society. If your focus is genuinely on helping the community you will keep your eyes open to the changes that need to happen and won't be scared to update your offers.

I've seen it all over the Internet and I'm sure you have to. How to make a 6-figure business with just one workshop. The magic recipe to finally helped you reach 10k followers in one month.

I don't believe in these magic recipes. Like everything in life success comes with deep commitment, strategy, intuition, and time.

If you want your business to last in the long-term make sure to invest in marketing that supports your long-term vision.

If you want someone who understands and supports your vision and helps you translate it in a strategic and aligned marketing strategy, email me.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Let's chat if you are curious about how it would look like to work together

Are you ready for the journey? I sure am!

Have a beautiful day,


Visionary & Founder of Share Your Bright Side |



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