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Image by Kenta Kikuchi

You're not alone!

Do you have a project stuck in your head wanting to go out?

Do you desire to feel supported and cheered on?

Are you done doing things all alone? 

Do you need a bit of support in your entrepreneurial journey?

Your 1:1 Monthly Accountability Support

because you don't have to do business on your own!

What's that one thing, that one project you know you should be doing to move things forward but you end up always pushing on the side?

Maybe it's being more consistent with your marketing and social media,

Maybe it's a brand new project that you deeply care about,

Or maybe you wish to make your day-to-day more intentional.


Do you wish you spent more time on things that truly make sense to you instead of wasting time on busy work?

Do you find yourself procrastinating a little too often? 

Hey! Daily life is demanding enough! I hear you!

It's challenging to start something new. It's challenging to keep up the pace.


Yet at the same time, that business idea you have, that project that makes your heart smile, that's what deserves your full energy.


This isn't about doing more, being overly productive, or pushing ourselves.

It's about being more intentional. 

What if at the beginning of each month, you took the time to really ask yourself what was important to you

and what you *realistically* have the energy for?


What if you had someone to kindly remind you that maybe you're spreading yourself too thin?


Being on our own in this entrepreneurial journey can be hard!

We got to make all the decisions, we're responsible for it all.


This is why this Intentional Accountability Offer is made for.

To be held accountable and be cheered on at the same time.

To give you time and space to reflect. 

The Intentional Accountability

So you're curious about this 1:1 journey?

Here is what I'm offering you...

60-min call every month to reflect on the last month, center yourself, and set your intentions and priorities. 

Monthly intentions to feel more connected to yourself and to your business

Weekly check-in on a dedicated chat to make sure you are still prioritizing what needs to be prioritized.

Chat open for questions and reflections

Get my feedback: working on something and need to share it with someone external? I'm here for it! 

this is a monthly membership:


My goal is for you to feel SUPPORTED while creating space and intentions

to follow what your heart wants!

Ready for it?

Let's jump on a discovery call so we can see if we're a good match! 

I'll be in touch with you shortly. 

Got a question? Email me at:

Our job together is to reveal how unique and impactful YOUR business is,

to make it clear TO YOU,

so you can have the faith and confidence to express it to the world.

You don't have to do it alone

Hey, life is demanding enough!


Are your monthly goals attainable?

Are you set up for success?

Do you have the support system needed to make it?


And guess what?! This is hard to do on your own! But you don't have to!

Having someone to help you see clearly what you desire, to connect dots, share new perspectives, to invite you to ask yourself certain questions and to reformulate what you're saying back to you is MAGIC

We're so used to tuning down our hopes and dreams. We're so used to keeping things for ourselves. We're so used to looking left and right for inspiration that we forget to tune back in. 

Deep down you know. This is my invitation to dive deeper! 

In my entrepreneurial journey, I go from laughter to tears.

I keep coming back to your sheet and feedback and it helps me stay on track.

Thank you for this valuable resource!

Ambre | Entrepreneur


I imagine a world where people are excited about their work and are empowered to follow their wildest dreams. 


I imagine a world where businesses are responsible for what they are offering.

Where they are conscious of the GOOD they can offer to the world.


The goal of this work is both to grow more conscious and purposeful businesses as well as it is to support business owners like you to feel connected and excited about their work and their dreams.

 Hey! I'm Yasmine 

Because I've seen too many business owners starting their own business to be more free and to make a positive impact, but at the end of the day they get caught up in the wheel of work-work-work. They forget about their initial ideas and actually become the worst boss they've ever had.

Never taking time off or feeling guilty when they do.

Feeling they always have to do more.

Or constantly doubting what they're bringing to the table.

Because I truly believe understanding WHY you're in business

and bringing that intention to your daily grind can create magic. 

 I know you're more interested in living a purposeful & meaningful life than a "traditional" one.

I know your heart desires to create something beautiful and impactful.

And I'd love to help you do just that!

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