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content marketing strategy that feels like you 

Starting a business is one of the wildest life experiences! Am I right?

It's full of ups and downs. It confronts us to our deepest desires, struggles, believes. 

It's the most amazing path you can take if you have the right tool to navigate it. It forces you to look into your limitations and to trust your intuition. To believe in your own value so you can share that value with others.

The better we feel about our business, the more connected to our mission and the purpose of our business the easiest it is to proudly talk about it. 

And guess what... You're gonna need to talk about it! To own what you do and to promote t! And it doesn't have to be the worst part about your business. 

Starting and continuing to grow my business has been one of the greatest challenges of my life and the biggest personal development growth. It's the hardest one yet the most rewarding one. 

You're going to need a marketing strategy, and that's probably why you are here! 

But not any strategy. One that understands your business and your mission. One that honors your energy.

But not just...

You're also going to need some tools to get you going when you don't want to, when you are doubting, when you feel like giving up (because spoiler alert: you most likely will at some point, just like any other entrepreneur I know!)

Give the exposure your business deserves without the anxiety self-promoting can cause. 

I've put this offer together because I've heard it often:

We are in business because we have a clear goal. A goal to make life better. Life better for ourselves, as an entrepreneur, and for our clients, thanks to our offer. 

Once in a while, we are boosted with excitement. We really believe we can change the world, we look at our business and projects with awe. We can even feel proud.

But too many times, the pressure of being in business, having to do it all together catches upon us. We are left with no energy, no more excitement, and a to-do list that keeps growing. 

As a result, we too often put our marketing on the back-burner, picking it up once in a while but rarely being consistent. We are afraid to share what we do, so we don't, we don't convert, so we take this as proof that maybe we shouldn't be promoting ourselves and our products. 

The never-ending circle of excitement, lack of confidence, doubts, etc. 

To be hones,t I haven't found a way to make this circle completely disappear. We oten have more things on our mind and to-do list that it is realistic to do.

But one way that can really help is to have a plan to follow.

Instead of rewriting the wheel everytime

I know!

Time is always on issue

We don't feel legit to promote our business because who are we to take so much space and who is going to listen anyway?

We've got 100 other things to do anyway


We end up not posting in a consistent way, on the right platforms in the right way.

When we finally have time we have the blank page syndrome. 

We feel overwhelmed and end up forgetting about that big holiday, event we actually had something interesting to say about.

The thing is ...

All you need to be legit to talk about your program is to have a program.

If you are here, if you started your business, it means you have something to say. 

When you started your business, you got all excited about solving that one need, right? So let's get to it! 

But it's not enough to have all the good intentions in the world. You need a strategy. A plan to follow. And the best part? Having it will actually make you feel so much better!

When you have a clear idea on what to do, your chances to actually do it are increasingly higher!

That means that you know actually what needs to be done, talked about, and how long it will take you. Once you know, finding the time for it is MUCH EASIER. Once you know, make it happen is so much more doable! 

Whether you have 100 ideas an hour and feel overwhelmed and not sure what to do about them all OR you are uninspired and not sure what to talk about anymore, I've got something for you.

I've blamed marketing tools and social media platforms before. Why ? Because it was easier than to actually blame myself for it not working. But the thing is marketing tools aren't the problems. 

Social media platforms are not what sucks our energy and raise our anxiety. The way we use them on the other hand... 

So what if you could focus on what you do best, promote it with joy, and connect with your audience along the way?

If you feel like you don't need a strategy and that restricts you too much... ask yourself how not having it is going for you...

The Content Marketing Strategy Plan is for you to :

Make it happen!

In only using 1 hour of your precious time, you end up getting a clear calendar for the next 12 months. 

You get a clear calendar with clear deadlines that feels ALIGNED to you & your business and that you can follow and produce without rethinking your whole strategy every month.

>> converting consistent marketing content strategy

>>show up consistently because it is already planned ahead of time.


Entrepreneurship comes with its waves of self-doubt. With self-doubt, comes the "I don't want to promote my business and bother people". With that comes... nothing! You gotta take actions and you gotta talk about what you do if you actually want to convert. 

By having a clear planning to follow and topics that help you promote your offers in a way that actually FEELS GOOD and not pushy. At some point, you got to trust the journey, and get it done based on a strategy you've approved and that was built with someone with an external point of view. This plan holds you accountable. 

Get results!

Following a strategy is what usually miss to many business. Success doesn't happen overnight. We see many new businesses getting success "overnight" in social media but guess what... it's not because you didn't see the work that it didn't happen. Having a strategy is what will help you get noticed. Can't wait to be more present when you are already successful. Gotta start now. No when to post and what to have more results, stop being last minutes and see your business growing. It takes time so you better start now. 

What do you say? Ready to get your strategy to a T and have a clear plan to follow?  Let's do it! 

initial brainstorming

~1/1h30 brainstorming phone call where we talk about your company, your industry, your goals for the year, the offers you will be launching, etc. 

I'll send a questionnaire at the beginning to help you do a pre-brainstorm and come to the session prepared. 


You sit back & relax. I'll put together the entire calendar for you to include the important dates for your industry & business, your offers & launch actions, and ALL the topics you should be talking about this year.


That's it! You've got your calendar. 12 months in front of you. Can you imagine what you can accomplish in the next 12 months?! 


Final call to go over it and do the final touches.

You leave with your planning for the whole year! Tadaaaaa

A unique moment to reconnect to your business and your mission and to get a clear plan on the famous question:


$300 - 250€

+ TVA if applicable

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-09 at 14.43.50 (1).jpeg

Making space for conscious marketing!

If you don't know me, yet.... Hi! I'm Yasmine!

I've started Share Your Bright Side because like you I thought we could do something better. For me, it was to change the way we do business and communicate about it. We are in constant contact with marketing. So imagine a world where marketing was actually empowering, supportive, and inspiring? Pretty cool, huh?!


I believe businesses have a big role to play in the future of our world. I believe we need more businesses that are positive and conscious, more business owners that feel aligned and more customers that can benefit from that positive energy. 

If you are ready to feel more aligned and do things in a more ethic way, I4m your girl! 

Unique marketing. For unique business. For unique entrepreneurs!

Hey, you've got something to say and YES we actually want to hear it with a strategy that FEELS LIKE YOU & FEELS GOOD!

P.S: only take 3 clients this Summer!

Image by Tools For Motivation

Plan it & enjoy it!

Content Marketing Strategy Calendar
But not only...

That's what they say! 

Kelly - Testimonial

Kelly M.

Negotiation Expert & Yoga Teacher

Owner of The Femme Dimension 

As new business owner, I knew right away I would need support and expertise outside of my own.  Marketing/branding is one of the MOST crucial pieces of getting a business off the ground and if you're not an expert, well Yas is who you need on your side!  She listens to where the challenge is taking place and offers grounded solutions to quickly address my needs. She has created beautiful, easy to use templates for my email marketing, transitioned my platforms to one place so that things are more streamlined and cost effective, resolved some of my website inconsistencies and has been an enormous support during the early stages of becoming an entrepreneur.  You could go it alone, but why would you?  You and your mission driven business are worthy of this kind of support.  I promise!

Fiona - Testimonial

Fiona G.

Holistic Coach

Owner of My Yellow Horizon

Yas is my savior. I have so many ideas and objectives when it comes to communicating about my business, but it's hard not to lose myself in the process. That's when Yas comes in. She adds precious insights, keeps me accountable and always comes up with great ideas. Plus, she's super fun and inspiring. I love working together with her. 

191205 - PD-F - OWTTP-OTSCT - Lifestyle

Larissa M.

Owner of PI YOGA

Yasmine is the best creative and marketing expert out there! She loves working on creative strategy and keeps our branding on point. Her supportive and positive "can do" attitude is essential for the growth of any business. She is an expert with creating graphics, flyers, banners, etc. with Photoshop & InDesign. She is very efficient with copy writing, press release creation and pitching to her database of press contacts. Thanks to her hard work, PI YOGA has been featured on some of the biggest TV stations and the most influential websites. She also has a wealth of experience with global marketing, thanks to her years of travel, so she understands how to market to different cultures - which is great if you are trying to launch globally! If you are looking for a one stop shop for all your marketing and content needs to take your business to the next level, I strongly recommend working with Yasmine.

Ravyn - Testimonial

Ravyn R.

Speech-Language Pathologist

& Breathwork facilitator.

Yasmine has been a HUGE support since day 1 of me starting my first new business. Speaking to her about my ideas and vision, she knew exactly how to listen, inspire, and support me. I had no idea about branding, marketing, or social media platforms. She thoroughly listened to my passions and then translated that into practical strategy. You can tell she wants to make a difference in this world and her energy is contagious. If you are craving high-level personal support for your business I highly recommend Yasmine!




Download my FREE tools to start growing your conscious business now.


Included: The Branding Tool & The Conscious Social Media Checklist

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