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The Anti-Greewash Guide

Yasmine Grignard

Jul 2, 2024

Creatives for Climate lays out exactly what greenwashing is, how to spot and avoid misleading claims, and how to transform your communications to drive positive action.


Creatives for Climate is a global network of entrepreneurs, employees, business owners, and ethical agencies committed to using creativity to drive climate action. They are transforming the creative industry—including advertising, marketing, and PR—to be in service of climate solutions.


In 2023, I stumbled upon Creatives for Climate, and their mission immediately resonated with me. While I was struggling with the negative impact marketing can have, I found a group of people who recognized the need for change in the industry and understood the positive power that communications can have in driving important change.

I participated in their Greenwash Watch Training to bridge the gap between communication skills and sustainability knowledge. This improved my climate communication skills, enabling me further to support truly sustainable projects, and communicate about them correctly and impactfully.

One idea that really stayed with me is that greenwashing often doesn't happen maliciously. Of course, some companies do intentionally mislead (fossil fuel industry... 😏) , but a lot of companies out there don't set out to deceive their audience. They make mistakes because they lack a proven framework to follow, use vague language, or feel pressured to communicate on sustainability without taking the necessary time to reflect on their sustainability commitments first.

Communicating about sustainability must come second, not first. Companies need to establish strong strategies before communicating their efforts and must back up their claims with data. Without this foundation, they risk greenwashing very quickly.

6 Different Shades of greenwashing

Did you know that six different types of greenwashing have been identified? Understanding these various forms of greenwashing is crucial for spotting and avoiding misleading practices in our communications. Take a look 👀

How to avoid greenwashing

In their Anti-greenwash Guide for Agency Leaders, Creatives for Climate dives deeper into what greenwashing is, helping us spot it more easily—both in our own communications and in others'. They also delve into the legal aspects, which vary depending on where you are in the world. And share ways to improve our communication. ⬇️

Keep this Dos and Don'ts handy:

The report is also packed with useful examples, making it much clearer what is greenwashing (also realizing it's all around us!) and how to avoid it.

Creatives for Climate invites creatives to go beyond merely complying with the law. They encourage innovative communication practices that use the power of creativity to drive positive actions. They advocate for being aware of the power of communications and using it for the good of the planet and its people.

Learn more about greenwashing and know how to avoid it in your next communications. Dive into the guide here.

For more info on Creative for Climate visit:

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