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Conscious Marketing for your unique journey

GEt the support you need to grow 

Feeling overwhelmed? There isn't enough time to do it all? I've got you!




Get a clear idea of the next 12 months, know what is coming up and how to be better prepared for a maximum effect. No more running around last minutes.


Long-term strategy for long term results.

  • ​1x 2H brainstorming session

  • 1x yearly planning including blog topics for the whole year, social media ideas taking into consideration holidays, events & promotional calendar, campaigns, collaboration, giveaway, and promotions

  • 1x 1h call to review

  • 1x revision of the yearly planning 

One-time investment - Year-long usage

$400 | 350€


Don't have time to write and post yourself? I support you to share your vision and your expertise in different content on different platforms to create better relationships with your customers.


Show up regularly


  • Blog writing: 2 to 4 blogs/month

  • Social Media posts creation and management: 3 to 7 posts/week

  • Email Marketing: 1 to 4 newsletters/month


Monthly investment - Worry-free

from $550 to $1200. | from 450€ to 1100€

only comes in combination with the monthly strategy package



Know day by day what you need to share. Have clear deadlines to not miss any opportunities.

Keep your long-term goals in mind while staying relevant to the current situation.

Short-term strategy for extra flexibility 

  • ​1x 1H30 brainstorming session at the beginning of the month

  • 1x monthly planning including every content that will be shared: titles, deadlines, visuals

  • 1x 1h call to review at the of the month


Monthly investment 

$300 | 250€

+ One-time set-up fee: yearly planning: $300 | 250€



I set up your business with templates that are easy to use and allows you to stay on brand at all time. Your visuals support your brand and your mission, we make sure they are aligned.

Keep your content on brand

  • Easy-to-reference brand kit

  • Newsletter template

  • Social Media posts, stories, highlights templates

  • Banners for blogs, social media pages, youtube, website

  • Promotional flyers

One-time fee - Lifelong usage

starting at $400 | 350€


à la carte

Can't find exactly what you are looking for?

Because every business is different,

I can make you a personalized package.


Let's get on the phone to talk about your options and the best solution for YOU.

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